Frazione Passerano

Address: Frazione Passerano, 14020 Passerano Marmorito AT, Italia
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Passerano is located halfway up the coast and is accessed via a winding road that allows you to discover, little by little, the shape of the municipality: first you see the line of houses in via Roma, then the bell tower of the parish church and, lastly, a glimpse of the beautiful castle.

The name Passerano probably derives from a Roman predial: “Passerius”.

The village is revealed as an almost intact village, dominated by its Castle, which still belongs to the Radicati family.

Castle is the most important monument existing in the municipal area and certainly one of the most beautiful and significant of the Asti area; erected in the three hundred by the Radicati family and subsequently remodeled, it maintains an aspect of unitary and powerful complex, placed at the dominion of the country and of the surrounding environment.

It presents near a beautiful chapel and a building called the Mint, now home to the library.

This Mint worked until 1598, and coins of gold and silver were coined there.

Of particular interest is the Tower of medieval origin, adapted in 1704 to a bell tower; originally the tower was the gateway to the ancient north of the country and the castle.

In the years following 1885, the construction of the Ala was built over the wall “towards noon”. The Wing was, and is built in brick with wooden roof and tiles; it was the agricultural market, the Forum Boario.

The square is supported by imposing ramparts. Square as we see it today was built in 1885. From the “Test Report” of 10 July 1885 we read that: “... with the aim of providing for the parochial Church millet with the advantage of the population, it was decided to widen the square that stands in front of the church itself with eriggeni a great wall of support to the laying that they need, without which it would not have been possible to obtain the intent, because that ground lies disposed in rather steep slope of a hill, on top of which rises the Church...

The Parish Church of Saints Peter and Paul, of late-Baroque style, has a simple exposed brick façade with a pleasant curvilinear crowning and a beautiful bell tower, also in terracotta, in line with the façade itself.

Very nice the wooden door portraying the two patron saints. Inside the decorations are simple, in shades of blue, pink and white.

The church consists of three naves, one central and two lateral and is illuminated with natural light that filters through finely drawn ovoid windows.

The Castle is supported by earthen walls made with yellowish sands typical of this territory.

Many eras ago these areas were entirely submerged by the sea; proof of this are the shells of mollusks that are found digging a few meters underground.

Over time man has been able to exploit the shape of the territory and settled there, also deriving benefits: most of the houses near the castle had and some have preserved even today, a cellar dug into the earth, which ensures temperatures of 5-6° C in reverse and 10-12° C in summer, an authentic cave in the earth.

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